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"I have experience in several different combat styles and I can honestly say there is no equal to Kuk Sul Do.  Grandmaster Yang's teaching design can meet your limits regardless of fitness or personal goals.  While I prefer and receive hard training, several students come of young or old age and get slower, more fitness-based training.  This is real martial based training, not fake arts.  I take my son and wife two days a week.  My son has so much fun he does not realize he is learning respect, discipline, and positive moral standards.  My wife gains in confidence, fitness, and the ability to defend herself, which gives me peace of mind as a husband.  I will study Kuk Sul Do for the rest of my life."

J. Elliott, 2019

"Grandmaster Yang, his lovely wife, and instructor Nicholas are some of the best, most gracious people you will ever meet.  Their style of martial art (Kuk Sul Do) is both fluid and powerful, and taught with great patience and respect to each of the students.  I can’t say enough about how their teaching style has positively affected our daughter.  If you have a child with energy and potential, consider enrolling them in this academy."


"Joining Kuk Sul Do almost 11 years ago with my son was one of the best decisions I've ever made!  Not only has it improved my own balance, flexibility, and self confidence, but my son has developed a strong sense of discipline, and is more physically fit than ever.  I'll be a lifelong student here!"

[NOTE:  This student has now reached the level of third dan black belt.]