Academy Safety

COVID-19 Safety Requirements

  • Class times and durations have been altered to increase the time between classes. Students should not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before class. This allows the previous class to leave in advance.

  • All students, parents, and guests are required to wear face masks while inside the dojang​

    • We provide a high-quality KF94 mask for each student to wear in class​

  • All students, parents, and guests are required to wash or sanitize hands before class.

    • Hand sanitizer is provided at the dojang

  • All students, parents, and guests ​are required to check their temperature upon entry

  • Students should remain 6 feet away from others

  • Students who have a fever, or other symptoms of COVID-19 may not attend class, but are encouraged to make up missed classes later.

Changes in Class Procedure

  • Classes will be run in a way that allows for social distancing

  • To avoid physical contact, there will be no partner-based practice of techniques, kicking, or sparring

  • Students will not use shared weapons

Academy Cleaning

  • The academy is cleaned and disinfected regularly

Class Schedule

  • To allow for additional cleaning of the dojang, and to increase the time between classes, our class schedule has changed, and classes have been shortened slightly. This new schedule will last until the COVID epidemic abates, after which we plan to return to our regular schedule.