• Kwan Jang Nym Van Zandt

Academy Closed

Kuk Sul Do Central Students and Family,

Bottom Line: Effective tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/17/2020), all classes at Kuk Sul Do Central are suspended. The dojang will be closed until further notice.


Today, Ohio Governor DeWine has given an order “to close gyms, fitness centers, recreation centers … until further notice”. In compliance with the state of Ohio, we will be temporarily closing our doors, until this order is rescinded. Never before has our school been forced to close under such circumstances.

Once we re-open, we encourage all our students to make up all the classes they have missed, by attending extra classes equal to their missed classes.

What about testing?

Our current plan is to temporarily postpone testing until a later date. For any students who are unable to attend the new date, we can arrange make-up testing. All testing fees will still be counted toward this new date; no students will have to pay extra testing fees.


We understand this may be frustrating to plans and schedules; however, we must comply with state-wide orders, and we hope that these measures will ensure students’ health and safety.

We will continue to provide updates as available, both via email and via our website, https://www.kuksuldocentral.com/academynews.

How can I stay safe during the coronavirus?

We value our students’ health and safety. Rather than provide you with another source of potentially conflicting instructions, we simply recommend you to the current, up-to-date information at the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html), as they are a professional team dedicated to public safety.


The instructors of Kuk Sul Do Central

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