Our Instructors

Master Nicholas Van Zandt

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Kwan Jang Nym Nicholas Van Zandt began training in Kuk Sul Do at a young age.  When he was six years old, a Kuk Sul Do instructor visited his church and gave an inspiring demonstration.  Soon after, Nicholas joined.  He continued training, earning his first dan (degree) black belt in five years, later becoming one of the personal students of Kuk Sul Do Grandmaster Choon S. Yang.  

He has continued his own training, as well as teaching classes of all ages and fitness levels, and delights in spreading the art of Kuk Sul Do. 

Instructors Juan & Elvia Romo


Instructor Juan Romo (left) and Instructor Elvia Romo (right), with Grandmaster Yang (center), and their son (front).

Sa Bum Nym (instructor) Juan Romo and his wife, Sa Bum Nym Elvia Romo, have been training in Kuk Sul Do for many years, achieving the rank of third dan black belt in 2015.  They first began training under Grandmaster Yang at the Kuk Sul Do Headquarters School in San José, CA.  When Grandmaster Yang came to Ohio in 2009, the Romo family moved here to continue training under him.

Juan Romo also works as an electrician, and has made his name performing honest, high-quality work in the Centerville / Dayton area.  He and his wife also volunteer at their local church, making a difference in their community.  To date, the entire Romo family has achieved a first dan black belt or higher.