Kuk Sul Do Grandmaster Choon S. Yang

In his homeland of Busan (부산시), South Korea, Chong Jae Nym (Grandmaster) Choon Sik Yang began training in martial arts at a young age.  He first began training under his uncle, who was a master in traditional martial arts.  His skills grew through years of training and effort.  By his late teens, he was already an instructor in martial arts, and he quickly rose to the rank of Chief Instructor at the National Headquarters dojang (training hall).


In 1978, Grandmaster Yang was appointed by Korea’s President Park to the head of a demonstration team.  Comprised of only a few masters, including Grandmaster Yang, this team was sent to Honolulu, Hawaii, to host a two-week exhibition of traditional Korean martial arts.  Soon after, Grandmaster Yang decided to move to San José, California, to begin teaching traditional Korean martial arts in the United States.


Today, Grandmaster Yang continues to teach students at multiple Kuk Sul Do schools across the United States.  He continues to uphold his high standards for Korean traditional arts, ensuring that his personally trained instructors pass Kuk Sul Do down to the next generation of students.

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