Traditional Martial Arts

 Practical Self Defense

At Kuk Sul Do® Central,  we are dedicated to providing the highest caliber education in traditional Korean martial arts and practical self-defense. For two decades, we have been instilling strength, discipline, and proficiency in the Centerville and Dayton area.


Students of any age or fitness level can benefit from the well-rounded art of Kuk Sul Do.  

We also have an after-school program for students at local schools. You can learn more here.


Martial arts are more than physical skill alone. The core of martial arts is discipline and endurance. 

A beginner trains until they can get a technique right. A black belt trains until they cannot get it wrong.

Master Van Zandt

20+ Years of instruction

Our academy has been teaching in Centerville for more than two decades. Throughout that time, we've continued to provide excellence in martial arts education. 

Integrated Curriculum

Kuk Sul Do contains the forms, techniques, and skills of the Korean palace guards, monks, and Hwarang warriors. 

Today, students learn all aspects of Kuk Sul Do, which prepares them for self-defense in a wide variety of situations.

Direct Lineage

Our instructors have received personal instruction from Kuk Sul Do's Founder and Grandmaster, Choon Sik Yang. Through this, our academy is directly tied to the 3,000 year lineage of Korean martial arts

Beneficial for Everyone

We have trained students as young as 4 and as old as 65; in peak physical condition or out-of-shape. No matter your condition, martial arts can benefit you.


George, 2018

"Grandmaster Yang, his lovely wife, and instructor Nicholas are some of the best, most gracious people you will ever meet.  Their style of martial art (Kuk Sul Do) is both fluid and powerful, and taught with great patience and respect to each of the students.  I can’t say enough about how their teaching style has positively affected our daughter.  If you have a child with energy and potential, consider enrolling them in this academy."

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"I have experience in several different combat styles and I can honestly say there is no equal to Kuk Sul Do. Grandmaster Yang's teaching design can meet your limits regardless of fitness or personal goals. While I prefer and receive hard training, several students come of young or old age and get slower, more fitness based training. This is real martial based training, not fake arts.


I take my son and wife two days a week. My son has so much fun he does not realize he is learning respect, discipline, and positive moral standards. My wife gains in confidence, fitness, and the ability to defend herself, which gives me piece of mind as a husband. I will study Kuk Sul Do for the rest of my life"

Joshua, 2019

Train Hard

Today, many people ignore the value of working hard. If something is new, takes time, or requires effort, they avoid it. 

Martial arts requires working hard: both teacher and student. As a Christian, my faith compels me to work hard at everything I do, and that's the attitude I teach with. My goal is to provide the highest caliber instruction to every student, regardless of age or experience.

In martial arts, like in life, the hardest step is often the first. Motivation is fleeting. Anyone can say "Martial arts? I should try that". Far fewer actually do. 

The benefits of Kuk Sul Do are available to all: fitness, safety, and discipline, no matter where you come from. Come join us today!